More Than Almonds,
A Partnership for Your Success

At Baugher Ranch Organics, we blend a tradition of excellence
with a personalized approach, ensuring our organic almonds elevate your products

Pioneers of Organic Excellence

Benefit from nearly four decades of expertise in organic almond cultivation and handling.

Personalized & Tailored Support

We’re more than almond suppliers; we’re partners in your success, offering customized support for your unique challenges every season

Partners in Your Growth

We blend the agility of a small family operation with the capability of a large enterprise, making us an ideal partner for businesses of all sizes.

An Organic Almond Partner you can trust

Navigating the almond market can be overwhelming, filled with unreliable suppliers and inconsistent quality. Your brand deserves the best. Without the right partner, your aspirations for superior food products may remain unfulfilled. With us, bridge the gap between aspiration and realization. Let Baugher Ranch Organics be your partner in your quest for the perfect ingredients.

From Vision to Exceptional Product Realization

  • Connect with Us
    Share your ingredient needs and product vision. Let’s start the conversation.

  • Choose with Confidence
    Guided by our expertise, select the perfect organic almonds tailored for your needs.

  • Craft Exceptional Products
    Use our premium organic almonds to create outstanding products with the consistent quality you deserve.

What other’s are saying about Baugher Ranch Organics

It has been an absolute dream working with Baugher Ranch Organics. Not only do they deliver premium quality organic products, but their customer service and care is unrivaled. Ron goes above and beyond to meet my needs and treats my business with as much care and attention as though he is personally invested in my success and growth. The level of respect and transparency that Ron and Nisha have shown me is first-class and have been a catalyst in the growth of my company. Choosing BRO as a supplier was a “no-brainer”.

Alison Ryan - Owner, Alison’s Organics

Working with Baugher Ranch Organics has been an absolute pleasure. Their personalized care and attention to my business needs make me feel like family, not just another client. Ron takes the time to thoroughly understand my forecasting and contracting needs each season and is always willing to problem-solve creatively when situations change. He never pushes premium products on me but seeks to find the most cost-effective solutions tailored to my exact requirements. I so appreciate that Baugher provides the thoughtful partnership and flexibility to meet my needs. I’m grateful to work with a processor that genuinely cares about my success.

Arielle Danan - Owner, Beber Almondmilk

Baugher Ranch has been a strong supplier partner for us for almost 25 years and they are everything that we can ask for in a supplier relationship and more. On top of the table stakes requirements that they more than meet such as quality product, consistent supply, good communication and fair prices, they are so much more. It is a collaborative relationship with Baugher Ranch and its senior staff where they understand the challenges of their customers and work with you through the ups and downs of business through creative and joint partnerships. You feel like part of the family and with that comes transparent communication and the ability to adjust on the fly. On top of all that, they are just good people, which is really the thing that keeps us coming back to them every year. I couldn’t recommend a supplier more strongly than Baugher Ranch.

Ian Walker - President and Co-founder, Left Coast Naturals

Proudly Certified: Organic and Beyond