Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2024-06-20T18:54:02+00:00

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services, policies, and more.

Product Quality & Variety

How do you ensure the quality of your almonds?2024-05-15T23:47:05+00:00

Our Almonds undergo a rigorous quality assurance process from USDA, GMP, HACCP, and SQF. Our QA programs are led by a certified SQF practitioner who is also PCQI certified.


Do you offer organic or conventional almonds?2024-05-15T23:47:26+00:00

We provide both organic and conventional almonds, along with pasteurization services.


Can you provide samples for evaluation?2024-05-15T23:47:51+00:00

Yes, we are delighted to offer samples for evaluation.


What almond varieties do you offer?2024-05-16T04:35:19+00:00

We offer a variety of almond types, including Nonpareil, Independent, California Types, and Carmel.


Supply Capacity & Availability

Are you able to meet our demands consistently?2024-05-16T04:07:21+00:00

We pride ourselves on maintaining steady volumes, ensuring superior quality, and offering excellent customer service.


Do you have almonds available year-round, or are there seasonal fluctuations?2024-05-16T04:07:51+00:00

With 40 years of experience, we guarantee year-round almond supply.


Certifications & Compliance

Are your almonds certified by any industry standards (e.g., USDA Organic, Non-GMO, HACCP)?2024-05-16T04:08:53+00:00

Our almonds are certified organic, Bee Friendly Farm, Kosher and SQF Certified.


Can you provide documentation to prove compliance with food safety regulations?2024-05-16T04:09:18+00:00

We can provide all necessary documentation upon request to prove compliance with food safety regulations.


Do you adhere to any sustainability standards or practices?2024-05-16T04:12:49+00:00

As an organic handler, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Learn more about our sustainable practices.


Are your almonds certified organic?2024-05-16T04:13:13+00:00



Who is your organic certifying agency?2024-05-16T04:14:23+00:00

California Certified Organic Farmers –

Are your almonds Kosher?2024-05-16T04:14:52+00:00


Who is your Kosher certifying agency?2024-05-16T04:15:27+00:00
Are your almonds gluten-free?2024-05-16T04:15:46+00:00



Is your company Bee Certified?2024-05-16T04:16:01+00:00



Who is your Bee-friendly certifying agency?2024-05-16T04:17:10+00:00
Is your company GFSI Certified?2024-05-16T04:17:28+00:00



Who is your GFSI certifying agency?2024-06-06T16:45:52+00:00



Pricing & Payment Terms

What are your pricing terms? Are they fixed or subject to market fluctuations?2024-05-16T04:18:29+00:00

We offer flexible pricing terms, including both contract-based and market-based pricing.


What are your payment terms and methods?2024-05-16T04:19:38+00:00

Our typical payment terms are Net 30, and we accept ACH payments.


Logistics & Shipping

How do you handle transportation and shipping?2024-05-16T04:22:29+00:00

At BRO, we ship worldwide and are able to handle a variety of shipping arrangements.


What is your average lead time for delivery?2024-05-16T04:22:43+00:00

Our average lead time for delivery is six (6) weeks.


Customer Support & Communication

What level of customer support do you provide?2024-05-16T04:23:24+00:00

We provide unparalleled customer service with real-time communication to ensure efficient business operations.


How do you handle inquiries or issues regarding orders?2024-05-16T04:23:43+00:00

Inquiries or issues regarding orders are addressed promptly by our dedicated sales team.


Is there a designated point of contact for communication?2024-05-16T04:24:03+00:00

Each customer is assigned a primary salesperson, backed by our efficient logistics team.


Can you provide traceability information for your almonds?2024-05-16T04:24:24+00:00

We can provide traceability information for our almonds and are transparent about our sourcing and production processes.


Are you open to on-site visits or audits?2024-05-16T04:24:43+00:00

Yes, we are open to on-site visits or audits with an appointment.


Previous Client References

Can you provide references from previous clients?2024-05-16T04:25:21+00:00

We have numerous satisfied customers who are willing to provide references upon request.


Have you worked with companies similar to ours before?2024-05-16T04:25:44+00:00

With experience working with partners worldwide, we aim to establish new partnerships while maintaining personalized service with many types of customers.


Long-Term Partnership

Are you interested in establishing a long-term partnership?2024-05-16T15:31:54+00:00

Absolutely! Baugher Ranch Organics was based on long-term relationships with our customers and always prioritizes their satisfaction.


What strategies do you employ to maintain long-term relationships with clients?2024-06-11T16:02:20+00:00

Our key strategies for maintaining long-term relationships include communication, commitment, and consistently delivering quality products and services.

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