Honoring Our Roots, Cultivating the Future

For over four decades, Baugher Ranch Organics has been at the forefront of organic almond farming, leading the charge in sustainable agriculture and innovation. The journey began with Chris and Marcie Baugher, whose vision and determination transformed a small farm in Northern California into a beacon of organic excellence. Their legacy of resilience and commitment to ethical farming practices continues to inspire and guide us as we look to the future, ensuring that the values they established remain at the heart of everything we do.

A Legacy of Organic Almond Expertise

Chris and Marcie Baugher are the proprietors behind Baugher Ranch Organics, a renowned organic almond farm in Northern California. For four decades, our business has been a leader in organic farming, processing, and advocacy, significantly contributing to the evolution and growth of the organic almond industry.

The Transition to Organic Farming

In the 1980s, Chris worked in agriculture with his father and brothers, managing over 3000 acres of farmland. However, the farming crisis severely impacted the family business financially. In 1984, amidst this turmoil, Chris and Marcie, owners of 130 acres of conventional almond orchards, decided to transition their orchards to organic cultivation. Transitioning their conventional orchards to organic farming and processing methods in 1984 was challenging, as such practices were uncommon at that time. They faced immense skepticism and doubts from family, neighbors, and the agricultural community, who believed organic farming could not be commercially successful.

Vision & Perseverance

Despite this, Chris and Marcie persevered, guided by their vision and commitment to ethical and sustainable farming. Their resilience paved the way for Baugher Ranch Organics to thrive as they defied conventional wisdom. The Baughers’ approach played a pivotal role in the widespread growth and acceptance of the organic almond industry.

A New Generation of Leadership

In 2010, Nisha and Rania Baugher, along with their business partner Ron Lautup, took over the operations from their parents, marking a new chapter in the company’s history. Each of them brings a unique set of skills to the table, forming a dynamic leadership team that drives the business forward. Nisha excels in strategic planning and financial management, ensuring the company’s long-term stability and growth. Rania’s expertise in operations and co-manufacturing streamlines the production processes and enhances product quality. Meanwhile, Ron’s proficiency in customer and grower relations strengthens the supply chain and expands market reach. Together, their combined strengths create a cohesive and highly effective team, maintaining the company’s reputation as a top-tier business in the almond industry.